Laundry Franchisee - Mr Jeff

Job description

Are you looking for a new business opportunity? This is a Franchise Business Opportunity not a Job posting! 

Opening a franchise business with Jeff is a unique opportunity for you to own and run your own business! Be your own boss and join the fastest growing franchise business in the tech industry today. 

Franchise opportunity description

Open your own Mr Jeff store and you will be joining the leading franchise business in the Laundry sector. Mr Jeff offers consumers around the world; laundry, ironing and dry cleaning services not only through the physical store but through the Jeff app as well. Our unique business model has revolutionized the traditional laundry sector. Through the Jeff app, website or the physical store customers can choose when and where they want their laundry to be picked up and delivered, and in only 48 hours. That's right, in just a few clicks, Jeff takes care of picking up, washing, ironing and delivering clothes to wherever our customers need for it to be delivered, in only 48 hours!

Jeff company provides everything you need to grow as fast as possible from a centralized team of experts who provide support in all key areas of your business:

  • We offer you a management system, continuous training and proven ''know-how'' to achieve success. 
  • Our Stores are designed to maximize productivity and offer the best service in a pleasant environment. 
  • Jeff is a global recognized brand with presence in over 40 countries.
  • Everything is an advantage with Mr Jeff.

Our unique business model also offers customers monthly subscription plans. We provide our customers with tailored plans to fit their needs, with weekly pick-up and delivery throughout the month. This ensures customer satisfaction and customer acquisition and loyalty for your business!

Why choose Jeff?

  • Low investment. 
  • Continuous training & support, you have an agent to help you at all times 
  • Customer network. We already have a loyal customer base in the Jeff world
  • Real time data experience and customer information
  • Automatic payment management and order tracking through our Jeff app 
  • Cross-selling with other Jeff services 
  • Over 2000 franchisees already winning with Jeff 
  • We are an international brand with constant expansion globally 
  • Recognized as one of 20 best startups in the world in 2017 according to Google
  • We provide the technology and innovation at every step 
  • The list goes on...

About Jeff

Jeff is a startup company based in Valencia and founded in 2015 by Eloi Gómez, Adrián Lorenzo and Rubén Muñoz, three Spanish entrepreneurs. It started as a home delivery laundry and dry cleaning platform but is currently expanding. In addition to the laundry service, different day-to-day services such as hairdressing, fitness and relaxation are becoming available, becoming an investment opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world. The application is available on Android and iOS devices.

Jeff has sold over 2,000 franchises and has operations in more than 40 countries. Its team has experienced exponential growth and has currently more than 700 direct employees and more than 2,800 indirect employees.

Mr Jeff, the laundry vertical is the biggest as it was the one that the company started with. A Strategic acquisition was done to start international expansion. In August 2018 Mr Jeff acquired Lava é Leva, the largest laundry franchise in Brazil with more than 350 points of sale. It won the most important market in Latin America because of this becoming one of the largest in the world. "The purchase of Lava é Leva meant the entry to one of our main markets and facilitated the understanding of the country" said Gómez.


    • Leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset
    • Hungry to succeed and invest in your own business
    • People & management skills
    • An ability to build collaborative relationships within the business
    • Minimum investment of 195.000 lei required
    • No need for previous experience in Laundry, we provide all the training you need
    • No previous experience needed of opening a business, we take care of it!